Poem: Love, 

Love, the word.

Love, the verb.

Love, the lie.

Love, the grave

I lay me down to rest.

Love, the poem

I can’t get out of my head.

Love, the feeling

ripped out my chest.

Love, the loneliness

strangling me at night.

Love, the wolf

burrowed under my bed.

Love, the heaving,

gasping chest.

Love, the sunshine

become the clouds.

Love, the unmade bed

where I lay all day.

Love, the rain

whispering at my window sill.

Love, the silence

of my phone.

Love, the texts

that never come.

Love, the mascara

staining my pillows.

Love, the scarlet sunset

from the beach I stand alone.

Love, the frozen memory

of slipping away in the night.

Love, the fight

desperate to keep away.

Love the boy

with the broke heart.

Love the fear

of being alone.

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