Eating Shit (Some real, raw, and possibly offensive honesty by yours truly)

As this horrible, no good, very bad  year finally comes to an end, I thought I’d make my position clear: I no longer consider myself a Christian.

So why did I stop believing?

It was for selfish reasons mostly–things I wouldn’t or couldn’t give to god, guilt I refuse to feel, dreams I refuse to give up, and an earthly home I desperately long for. There are many things I’m supposed to want as a “Christian Girl” that I don’t and can’t want. And then there are the things I want that I’m not supposed to want.

I choose my dreams, my hopes, my home, my sex and sexuality, and my humanity over a god who stayed silent–a god whose only mouth-piece seemed to me like the words of love painted with the blood of hate.

Shrugging off the veil of my religion was a relief bound in a bittersweet sigh.  It was not an easy decision, and there are moments I mourn all I once held true. But in the first moments of my disbelief, the first thing I noticed was the silence of my guilt. I am free. And for once, being lost isn’t a negative but a chance for adventure and discovery.

At the end of the day, however, I’m just tired of all the hate that comes from religious and nonreligious alike. I’m tired of the way we wake up in the morning and eat our own shit because we think we have to. I’m tired of the ways beliefs and politics pull us apart and make our Shit a livelihood.

The Shit we eat is full of bits of obligation and tradition, flecked with expectations and disappointments, hunks of fear and manipulation. But I promise, in the Shit we eat, you’ll never find humility or honesty or individuality. Every shit looks the same, and I see it all around us. It’s underfoot, it’s in our heads, it’s in our Bibles and textbooks, it’s in our constitutions and our handbooks. It’s in our peace, and it’s in our wars. It is both left and right. The Shit abounds, and the only escape is to stop feeding on the hate and judgement that points fingers and evades blame. It’s the Shit that renders us cowards in the face of anyone who looks different, speaks different, thinks different, believes different, worships different, and loves different.

We eat the same Shit, so we can fit in because on Earth, there is no greater curse than being different, and I am sick of it.

6 thoughts on “Eating Shit (Some real, raw, and possibly offensive honesty by yours truly)

  1. I’m not offended. God’s not even offended. He’s not surprised either. The happy one is Satan, so he’s not offended either. The most likely to be offended, quite honestly, is you. When you find out what you’ve really chosen. I pray that you realize it, before it’s too late. As bad as this world is, just try to imagine an eternity filled with nothing good at all.

      • You’re welcome.
        One thing though, if I may. If you didn’t believe in Hell, then you weren’t really a believer either. At least not in the God of the Bible. He was very clear about the existence of the place we call Hell, even if it’s not named in the Bible. The Book of Revelation tells about it.
        Before you reject it – maybe you should actually try it? there’s a difference between not being concerned and not having a need to be concerned.
        Just some food for thought.

      • I have “tried it.” I grew up, “trying it.” I’m not denying the existence of God. I just don’t think that God is as easily defined as what comforts humans. I think every religion is severely flawed. Truth is, not clinging to faith has given me more peace than having faith and going to church and listen and obeying and doing missions work ever did. I am at full peace with my decision. I dont think I have a need to be concerned.

      • Good luck. Hopefully you’ll realize before it’s too late that you really didn’t come close to trying Christianity, because you don’t get to define it. What you have tried had little to do with what’s in the Bible. Hell and all the other things that you claim don’t exist are very much part of the Bible. You cannot say you tried being Christian when you deny parts of what it’s about. Maybe you have convinced yourself for the time being, but you’re really not being honest with yourself or with others who listen to you.
        For my part, I’ll keep praying for you and others like you.

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